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Chimney pots and stacks

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I get a chimney sweep?

  • Safety: Having your chimney swept cleans away blockages and prevents soot buildup, which increase the hazard of chimney fires and can cause fumes and dangerous gases to leak into your living areas, a deadly health risk.

  • Save money: A clean and clear chimney draws in more air, leading to better combustion. I provide advice to ensure your fire burns efficiently and you are not wasting energy or your money.

  • Home insurance: Not having your chimney or flue swept regularly can void your home insurance! I provide certificates for evidence of each chimney sweep.  

  • Home maintenance: Chimney sweeping and maintenance reduces dust and debris blowback and can identify problems with chimney cowls, stacks, lining and appliances. I will advise if these need monitoring, repair or replacement. 

  • Nature: I can safely remove birds' nests from your chimney and provide advice to prevent them nesting again, meaning that they will find a safer (and more convenient) home next year.

  • A good chat: It is always really nice to meet new customers and provide advice where it is wanted to ensure you are getting the best possible service!

How often should I get my chimney swept?

Your chimney or flue needs to be swept once a year as a bare minimum, unless a problem arises. If the fire is the main heat source within your home, it needs to be swept at least every 6 months.

Do I need to prepare before a sweep?

I recommend that the entrance to the property or building and the area around the chimney or flue are cleared before I arrive. Valuables and delicates close to the fireplace or log burner should be removed.

How long does a chimney sweep take?

A routine sweep usually takes between 30 and 60 minutes, depending on the type, length and condition of the chimney, and of course how everything goes on the day!

How much is this going to cost?

I am fully transparent about my pricing so that is fair for everyone and there are no hidden costs for my customers. For a full list of pricings, please click here.

What happens if you find a bird's nest?

If I suspect or find a bird's nest I will let you know as soon as possible. Birds nest removal can take between 30 minutes and several hours, so there is an additional fixed fee for this to cover my time and the specialist equipment needed. 

How do you take payment?

I take cash, card payment or bank transfer on the day. I am also happy to send an invoice if required.

Will there be lots of mess?

No, I use preventative dust control measures to ensure there is no mess. All soot from the chimney is contained and sealed behind sheets, which are fixed on carefully with magnets and/or tape to secure a tight, custom fit while the sweep takes place. Floor protection is placed around the workspace to prevent stains and damage. This combination ensures that dirt and dust does not escape into the surrounding living areas of your home


What happens during a smoke test?

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